IMG_0865Welcome to Calvary Heritage Windows.  I am a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Darien, CT, home of beautiful historic stained glass windows.  While I’ve always admired the art and the symbolism of their pictures, recently I’ve been drawn to the dedicated names inscribed on each window.  I know that they belong to the Methodists who used to worship in our building, but what is their story?

One of my interests is genealogy.  It’s not my intent to “do the genealogy” of these names.   I’m sure there are descendants hunting for them already, so I want to get these names out into cyberspace where they can be found.

To keep these names in context  I’d like to show the window picture under which they are listed, along with the scripture that goes with it.  I’m sure that the fact that certain pictures were chosen for a reason by those who arranged to have the names inscribed.  This contributes to their story.

I invite descendants, historians, or anyone with relevant information to put in their two cents via the moderated comments.  If you choose to comment, please try to include the source of your information – I know that seekers will appreciate it!  and of course you are always invited to visit the church in person at 988 Post Road in Darien, CT.

Update October 16, 2016:  Calvary Baptist Church is now part of a new congregation called Christ Community Church.  We’re still in the same building with the same beautiful windows!


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