A Brief Introduction to the Church and Its Windows

In 1887, the United Methodist Church of Darien was destroyed by fire.  The cornerstone of a new church building was laid later that year.  You can still see the cornerstone today, on the left as you face the church.

The Methodists remained in the building on the Post Road until the late 1960s when they constructed a new building on Middlesex Avenue.  Their old building was sold to Calvary Baptist Church, which continues to worship there today.

The architecture of the stained glass windows appear to be Gothic Revival style, in the shape of pointed arches.  The larger windows are actually a set of three windows:  two large windows side by side, topped with a small window that creates its “point”:

IMG_0532I strongly believe this type of architecture calls to mind the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  You can even see the smaller examples of the Trinity in the fleur-de-lis that repeat throughout most of the windows.

The windows have stood the test of time for the most part.  In the mid-1990s, Calvary Baptist had the windows professionally restored, re-leaded and protected.  As a result, the church is less drafty and the windows will continue to last for generations to come.

In the posts to come, we will be looking closely at each window and the people who are part of its history.